Dry/Wax/Oil Vaporizers

Vaporizer pens are small portable gadgets that allow you vaporize dry herb or oil/wax vapor from any place without compromising your health. Unlike smoking, using vaporizer pens ensure that all the harmful chemicals have been eliminated. You can go for the dry herb vaporizer pen or oil/wax pen or choose a pen where you can insert both. What is important is understanding the difference between the two regarding features and the substance being used.

Vaporization Duration

Wax and oil concentrates require a higher temperature before they vaporize while dry herb requires a lower temperature of about 365F. For beginners who’re clueless on the vapor pens, knowing this difference is imperative, as you may end up risking your health if you don’t understand the temperature difference. Since dry herb will require a lower temperature, putting it in a vapor pen meant for oil/wax will lead to over combustion. The reason you’re using the vapor pen is the benefit of safety offered. Once the dry herb is exposed to other combustion, it’ll result to intoxication and smoke production instead of vapor. To avoid this confusion, you can purchase a vapor pen that’s meant to combust both dry and wax/oil herb without consequences.


Dry herb vaporizers and oil/wax pens require varying degrees of maintenance and handling for them to keep functioning for a longer time. If you’re the type of vaper that wants to have a device easy to maintain and to clean, go for a dry herb vaporizer pen. It requires less effort and technicalities to clean, unlike the oil/wax pen. The dry herb pen leaves fewer residues to clean up later. Although general maintenance of the pen is standard for both, there’s the distinct difference that you must be aware of. While you can use water to clean a dry herb pen, oil/wax would work extremely terrible and give you trouble if washed with water. The liquid will be harder to remove much later. Oil/wax pens come with cleaning tools like ‘Double Tap’ that you use to clean using a cotton wool dipped in alcohol.

Pen Features

Dry herb vaporizer pens are ideal for all dry herbs, concentrates, and dubs. This pen is mainly used by tobacco smokers and addicts who are struggling to quite cigarettes. It’s flexible and enables you to enjoy the vapor for a long period of time. The flexibility of these pens over oil/wax pens makes them a better option. This dry herb device allows you to vaporize your favorite herb with just a touch of a button. They’re designed to switch off within seconds to ensure the longevity of the pen’s battery. By clicking on the activation mode 3x, you’ll prevent accidental ignition as this puts the pen into standby mode.

Both dry herb and oil/wax vapor pens are portable and easy to use and appealing to vapers looking at an alternative to smoking or to using e-cigarettes. You can use the pens wherever you’re going and avoid a lifestyle of addictive smoking. If you’re a newbie to this type of vaping, a little practice will be required. You’ll need to learn how to use the vapor pens and produce the right amount of vapor per hit. However, learning how to do it like a pro takes a very short amount of time.

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