High Voltage Detox


With Detox Flush Drinks and Shampoos, High Voltage has you covered when you need to get your system clean. Backed by years of experience and proven success and reliability, you can be sure that this is the trusted name you can go to for results!

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High Voltage Detox

High Voltage Detox - Frequently Asked Questions about our products

What are Toxins?

Toxins are poisons in the body that come from things you ingest. For example, you ingest toxins when you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. Our fast flushes work by temporarily cleansing the toxins from your system.

What toxins will this product cleanse from my system?

As long as you follow the directions, the High Voltage products will cleanse all toxins from your system for up to 10 hours.

Can I smoke cigarettes while I use High Voltage Fast Flush products?

It is not recommended but as long as you don’t need to eliminate the toxins from nicotine, you can continue to smoke cigarettes while you are using Fast Flush products.

How do the High Voltage Fast Flush products work?

High Voltage Fast Flush products combine a variety of herbs and vitamins to successfully cleanse your body of toxins. The products are diuretic, causing frequent urination. While an herbal cocktail flushes your urinary tract, vitamins and minerals keep your urine a bright yellow color

Once I take a High Voltage Fast Flush product, how long will I be clean?

High Voltage has products that are effective for up to 12 hours. Because a flush cleanses your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, the effects are only temporary. After a certain period the toxins that are still in your bloodstream will find their way to your urinary tract.

How can I be sure that the High Voltage Fast Flush product actually works?

With over 2,000,000 satisfied customers, our products are the most successful on the market. In the last 9 years, our customer satisfaction rating has been 99.68%

How much clean time do I need?

Although our products have been known to be effective after just 5 hours of abstaining, we recommend that you avoid ingesting the toxin 24-48 hours before using High Voltage Fast Flush products.

Things to avoid while detoxing

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