Stash Cans


This 4 piece Aluminum grinder with sifter delivers a consistent and distinctive pattern that is ideal for filtering unwanted material from the end-grind.
Available here in 3 different sizes. Made in USA.

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Stash Cans

Stash Cans | smokerswild

These nifty aluminum cans are great for hiding your valuables from unwanted eyes! They come in various different sizes and shapes and have a carbon lining that absorbs smells!

Standard Coke Type Cans are the smallest and most discrete but have the smallest storage area.

Red Bull Cans are standard storage area in a tall and slim format

Monster Energy Drink Cans are large and have a big storage area.

Arizona Ice Tea Cans are the largest and have a huge storage area.

Automotive Cans are large and blend in well inthe trunk of your car if you’re on the go a lot. These will be things like Tire Flat Fix and Engine Degreaser.

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Weight 1 lbs
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Coke Can, Dr Pepper Can, Pepsi Can, Sprite Can, Red Bull Can, Monster Energy Drink Can, Arizona Ice Tea Can, Automotive Can


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